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Womenswear Forecast Spring/Summer 2025


Looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2025, we are seeing designers explore trends in a new way by delving into boho-chic styles with a touch of retro flare, artistic staple pieces that offer a bit of personality and whimsicality as well as athleisure that can be worn to barre or the bar.

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Screenshot 2024-05-28 185546

A bohemian undertone has been slowly growing within the fashion industry––we expect this to peak for Spring/Summer 2025. We’re seeing a shift back towards the “Age of Aquarius” through nods to the ‘70s as well as feminine tailoring of the ‘60s showing up in refreshed modern ways across runways and pop culture.


Artist's GF

Screenshot 2024-05-28 185828

While there are retro notes at play here, what drives this aesthetic is a whimsical craftiness tied to a covetable effortlessness. This trend taps into staple items while allowing designers to add their own unique, creative twist to everyday pieces. All in all, the idea of a wearable wardrobe that showcases personality is on the rise.


Blurred Lines

Screenshot 2024-05-28 190143

Not only are the lines of work and leisure blurred, but it’s mixing with after-hours attire, travel outfits and activewear, too. Plus, there’s a growing fascination around wellness, embracing a fit mind and body as well as sports that are seemingly more en vogue over others.


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