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November 2023 Top Trends

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From new "it" handbags to men's trouser updates, these are the November 2023 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.

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This season consumers are on the hunt for carefully crafted handbags that are a consistent part of their purse portfolio. Woven leather bags (+75% to LY) are a safe bet trend with Loewe bags (+71% to LY) in high demand––the squeeze bag is a new cult favorite. Python handbags are emerging as a top pick, +108% in searches. As an eye-catching extra, handbag charms are +29% to last year and growing.


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Holiday party season is here and men are on the lookout for just the right attire to wear. Mens silver suits (+14% to LY) are growing in searches as metallics have been popular on and off the runways. Suiting is seeing updates within textiles used as mens leather suits (+11% to LY) and mens silk suits (+31% to LY) compete in the market. The mens power suit is +135% to last year and is expected to continue in growth as a safe bet trend.


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As the Christmas season approaches, holiday manicures are a must. Made popular on TikTok, cherry mocha nail polish (+1,064% to LY) is the it-girl go-to as this red, brown nail color offers a classy and moody look. Aura nails (+98% to LY) are also a safe bet trend allowing for an interesting look with a variety of colors. Russian manicure (+245% to LY) techniques and hard gel manicures (+81% to LY) are favored, too.


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To combat snowy weather, kids need warm, protective attire for days outside. Boys snow boots are emerging this season, up +2% to last year. The polar bear sweater (+148% to LY) is a safe bet trend as well as boys baggy jeans (+62% to LY). The boys down jacket is up +5% to last year with +9% market adoption in the last 30 days.

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