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April 2024 Top Trends

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From luxe in lace to mens travel top picks, these are the April 2024 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.


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Lace is the it-girl approved trend of the year, seen on the runways from New York to Paris, too. The lace maxi skirt is a safe bet trend, +132% to last year and a festival favorite. The red lace dress (+57% to LY) and black lace jumpsuit (+100% to LY) are consumer top picks in the market while the lace top (+29% to LY) is an everyday go-to.


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With warmer weather brings with it a travel boom. The mens travel bag is an emerging trend growing in the market with +80% market adoption to last year. Mens co-ord sets (+61% to LY) and mandals (+57% to LY) are vacation must-haves along with the speedo, growing at accelerated rates, up +60% to last year in searches.


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Toners have made their way back into mainstream when it comes to your skincare routine. Toner pads are up +877% to last year, seen from brands like Tula and Pixi. Tea tree toners (+214% to LY) and milk toners (+128% to LY) are safe bet trends experiencing accelerated growth rates. And, exfoliating toners are growing in the market as well with +36% market adoption to last year.


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Childrenswear is notorious when it comes to prints. Perfect for summer, anchor prints (+18% to LY) are an emerging trend mostly saturated in the luxury market. Fox prints (+16% to LY) and apple prints (+5% to LY) are kid top picks too, popularly sold at Farfetch. Experiencing accelerated growth, space prints are +28% to last year and will continue to grow throughout the year.

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