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February 2024 Top Trends

Feb Street Style

From new TikTok-favorite trends to what's hot in hair, these are the February 2024 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.

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TikTok is the destination for all things trending, and we are seeing these social media trends grow to fruition in the market. Red kitten heels are a safe bet trend up +213% to last year. Similarly, the bow dress is +149% to last year, leaning into the “we’re girls” trend. The leather tote bag is going viral on TikTok shop with +35% social buzz. An up-and-coming street style favorite, micro shorts are +267% in social buzz with +95% market adoption.


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Menswear is seeing more fashion-focused updates when it comes to clothing and accessories. For example, mens navy loafers are an emerging trend with +64% market adoption to last year. The mens leopard sweater is also gaining traction with searches up +21% to last year and expected to continue growth. Mens beaded bracelets, with 8k average weekly searches, are up +140% in market adoption while mens floral socks are emerging in the market, +14% to last year.


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2024 is the year of chic hairstyles and must-try hair treatments. The Italian bob is ruling hair at the moment as a safe bet, up +145% to last year. The top bun is +98% to last year and making waves online thanks to Balletcore. Hair health is a growing concern for many and we are seeing bond building products (+139% to LY) and even honey hair treatments (+137% to LY) grow in the market.


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The “because we’re girls” trend on TikTok is bringing girlish flair to the womens and childrenswear markets. Hair ribbon is a top trend with +260% social buzz as well as flower clips, +64% to last year. In jewelry, bow earrings are a consumer favorite with searches up +662% to last year. Charm necklaces (+107% to LY) are a top pick among all age groups, too.

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