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March 2024 Top Trends

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From all things leopard print to beauty must-haves, these are the March 2024 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.


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Leopard print is having a revival, thanks to the Mob wife aesthetic (+66,871% to LY) on TikTok––yet, there’s plenty of elevated iterations on the market, too. The trends we saw most during the Fall/Winter 2024 fashion month were leopard pants (+293% to LY) and leopard print coats (+47% to LY). The leopard bag is emerging in the market, up +48% to last year, while the leopard mini dress (+91% to LY) and leopard bikini (+45% to LY) are emerging summer trends for summer.


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Mens fashion is sticking to the classics this spring while also delving into summer worthy fabrications. Mens co-ords (+107% to LY) continue to be a top pick, mostly seen in linen while newer variations are knit or crochet. The mens crochet sweater is a safe bet trend growing in the market, +73% to last year. And of course, mens linen shorts (+86% to LY) and mens pleated trousers (+75% to LY) are essential staple pieces.


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This spring, there are key products that are a must-have within any beauty routine. With interest in scalp care growing, scalp serum is a safe bet trend up +75% to last year. Consumers are opting for lighter face makeup this spring and summer using a skin tint (+102% to LY) and an spf setting spray (+67% to LY) for UV protection. Also, lip stains (+96% to LY) are making a comeback, particularly in red hues.


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Denim is a classic fabrication especially when it comes to childrenswear. Wide leg denim (+63% to LY) and denim sneakers (+71% to LY) are safe bet trends for the season while we expect to see denim skorts (+145% to LY) and jorts (+221% to LY) resonate for the summer.

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