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Holiday + Resort Guide


Trends are feeling classic and timeless with a touch of personality within holiday and resortwear for the coming season. Below, discover the top trends when it comes to everyday pieces, holiday party must-haves and resortwear favorites, too.


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The idea of wearable fashion continues––urging brands to find the balance between functional and emotional. What artistic elements can you add to make your staples standout?



Invested (1)


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Understated Glamour

There’s an elegant undertone that’s taken shape after an overtly sexy past few seasons. Now, consumers are looking towards understated glamour with retro twists.



Understated Glamour


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Earth Goddess

Natural fibers and Earth-driven colors––ranging from jungle greens to sunset orange––are driving this aesthetic as consumes look for rejuvenating escapes for vacation.



Earth Goddess



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