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Womenswear Forecast FW24

Screenshot 2023-12-07 150501

As fashion undeniably represents culture, the Fall/Winter 2024 season tells the story of our state of society. We are seeing increased interest in nostalgic pieces that bring back childhood memories, fluid dressing that blurs gender lines, as well as luxury investments that make for long-lasting wardrobe staples.

Below discover the top 3 trending aesthetics set to dominate the Fall/Winter season of 2024, or click here to download the full report for access to key colors and fabrics, top trends, socio-economic influences, and Trendalytics data.




Typically when we think of past references within fashion, our minds jump to a particular decade and its defining traits. Currently, we’re tapping into “feel good” energy through nostalgia of simpler days––whether that be childhood, favorite foods that spark joy, or escaping with a movie from decades past.

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Boundless (1)

While the movement of fluid fashion has been in the works for years, there were more voices at play across social media in 2023. Rather than gender-specific cores, we saw trends like blokecore, punk rebellion, and even Barbiecore being tried out by all.

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Polished (1)

After moments of celebration and rebellion, reality has set in––this is showing up through both conservative spending and dressing for many as well as an investment in your wardrobe, home, and wellness routine. It’s all about polishing up life.

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