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Emerging Trendsetters: TikTok Brands & Influencers To Watch

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From viral products to must-follow influencers, we've gathered TikTok emerging brands and influencers that you need to know. 


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (19)-1Dissh is an Australian fashion brand that draws inspiration from the natural world. Through subtle elegance and chic staples, the brand allows for a seasonless wardrobe created with natural fibres.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (18)-2Protection from all forces is crucial in beauty and Byoma offers barrier-boosting products that are quickly becoming top choices for consumers looking for a well-rounded skincare routine.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (19)Notorious for washable rugs, Ruggable is a go-to brand whether you're looking to spice up your house or even a dorm room. The brand's two piece rug system is stain resistant, non-slip and washing-machine safe.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (20)Since voicing her opinion during the Tarte trip scandal, eyes have turned to Monet for her skin, makeup and fashion advice as well as her fun-loving personality within the space.


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