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Just the Data: Swirl Nails

Swirl Nails

  • Nail art is quickly becoming an outfit staple as it-girls and influencers embrace the accessible and statement-making trend.
  • An extension of the popular Y2K and 70s psychedelic fashion trends, swirl nails, in particular, are gaining popularity, making their way from Pinterest boards and IG feeds to nail salons across the nation.
  • A TikTok trend with nearly 13M views on the app, swirl nails are currently experiencing accelerated growth.
  • high volume trend, there are 7.9K average weekly searches for swirl nails, +5,730% to last year.
  • Other nail art trends include abstract nails, checkerboard nails, color block nails, and yin yang nails. A safe bet, abstract nails have been growing for a year and are expected to continue growing for another year. Seen on the runway at KNWLS and Peter Do, searches for abstract nails are +213% to last year.
  • Chillhouse, a nail spa in NYC, offer Chill Tips (pictured above), a non-toxic reusable press-on nail that comes in wavy swirl patterns fit for every consumer.
  • TL Forecast: Swirl nails are expected to continue growing over the next year with 70% confidence.

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