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September 2021 Top Trends

From glam to gorpcore, these are the trends that emerged in September and are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and beauty markets for months to come.


Womenswear Trends

Women are stepping out in eye-catching attire that asks to be admired. Sequin trousers (+82% to LY) and shiny tops (+9% to LY) are emerging trends to watch, as are lamé shirts (+94% to LY) and lurex dresses (+80% to LY). Notably, women are gravitating toward cooler metallic tones like silver rather than gold–silver clutch bags (+251% to LY) and silver heels (+104% to LY) are on the rise.


August 2021 Top Trends

Gorpcore (meaning good ol’ raisins and peanuts) influences saw a spike during the pandemic as lockdown orders lured consumers to venture into the great outdoors. Searches for the aesthetic are +99% to last year, while other safe bets like men’s utility pants (+50%), men’s compass necklace (+52% to LY), and men’s fitted cap (+199% to LY) are also expected to continue growing over the next year.


September 2021 Top Trends

Women are stepping into fall and searching for a palette of brown and beige. When it comes to chocolate brown, a timeless autumn hue, brown lip gloss (+80% to LY) and brown lipstick (+47% to LY) are exhibiting emerging behavior, while brown nail polish (+54% to LY) is a safe bet. Consumers continue to rely on clear brow gel to achieve a neutral look, which has 130K average weekly searches, +65% to last year.


September 2021 Top Trends

Parents are incorporating animal print apparel and accessories into their children’s wardrobes to help them stand out from the pack. Searches for animal onesie are +30% to last year, while ladybug prints (-4% to LY), flamingo dresses (+63% to LY), and unicorn hoodies (+9% to LY) are emerging trends to watch. A safe bet, teddy bear slippers (+382% to LY) are expected to continue growing over the next year with 70% confidence.

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