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Post-Lockdown Packaging Trends to Watch

Packaging Trends

As lockdown lifts, consumers are re-emerging with a new set of priorities, including inclusivity, sustainability, and safety, and expect brands to follow their lead. According to a recent study by McKinsey, three-quarters of Americans changed their shopping behavior since COVID-19 began. As consumers shift their shopping habits to reflect their values, brands must adapt their strategies to satisfy a new and evolving set of needs and expectations.


Consumers are beginning to travel again, and they’re searching for travel-size products to accompany them on their next trip. There are 220k average weekly searches for travel trends, +24% to last year (+17% since April 2021). 

  • Searches for Travel Size Toothpaste are +68% to last year
  • Searches for Travel Makeup Bags are +64% to last year
  • Searches for Toiletry Bag are +58% to last year
  • Searches for Travel Organizers are +43% to last year
  • Searches for Travel Size Perfume are +26% to last year

Launch to Watch: Cadence offers magnetic travel capsules made from ocean-bound plastic that snap together, allowing you to keep all your essentials in one place. Consumers can even customize their capsules with pre-made labels, so everything is easy to locate.


Prioritizing safety and cleanliness, consumers are opting for products in hygienic formats to minimize germ exposure. Offering a more sanitary application, searches for foundation sticks, eyeshadow sticks, and cleansing sticks are growing at an accelerated rate.

  • Searches for Cleansing Sticks are +341% to last year
  • Searches for Foundation Sticks are +147% to last year
  • Searches for Eyeshadow Sticks are +60% to last year
  • Searches for Sunscreen Sticks are +43% to last year

Launch to Watch: Multitasking products like SuperGoop’s SPF Glow Stick and Stila’s Lip and Cheek Stick keep beauty routines simple and sanitary. 


A new wave of innovative packaging solutions tailored to consumers with disabilities celebrate diversity and the transformative power of makeup. Adaptive beauty products in the market are up 9% in the last 30 days, and big brands are taking steps to reach people with disabilities through new launches and inclusive campaigns.

  • Searches for Inclusive Beauty are +15% to last year

Launch to Watch: Unilever’s Degree Inclusive is a radically redesigned deodorant package that makes uncapping and applying deodorant easier for people with limited upper mobility. 


The pandemic heightened consumers’ awareness of climate change. A global survey conducted by BBC News reported that 60% of participants are making more environmentally friendly or sustainable purchases since the start of the pandemic, and 90% of those individuals would likely continue doing so. Refillable beauty is a top market mover with 37% of new SKUs out of stock.

  • Searches for Plantable Packaging are +854% to last year
  • Searches for Refillable Deodorant are +238% to last year
  • Searches for Reusable Ear Swab are +63% to last year
  • Searches for Solid Shampoo are +41% to last year

Launch to Watch: LastObject’s sustainably-made products provide consumers with reusable alternatives to single-use products like cotton rounds and q-tips.

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