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Just the Data: Crochet Bucket Hats

Crochet Bucket Hats Trend

  • Crochet bucket hats are growing in popularity, and New York-based brand Memorial Day has emerged as a must-have, spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid, Ella Emhoff, and Reese Blutstein.
  • There are 14K average weekly searches for crochet bucket hats. Searches are +1,325% to last year and are growing at an accelerated rate.
  • The trend is most saturated in the Specialty/DTC marketwhere the average price is $30.
  • Competition in this space is low, and discount levels are insignificant.
  • Demand for the knit headwear is a safe bet, meaning it has been growing for at least a year and will continue to grow over the next.
  • TL Forecast: This trend is expected to continue growing over the next year with 70% confidence.

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