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2022 Beauty Forecast

Using our proprietary algorithm, we’ve identified themes and trends that are likely to grow over the next year. Read on for the trend stories that will shape 2022.

2022 Beauty Forecast

Virtual try-on technology continues to evolve as COVID restrictions challenge the in-store experience. There are nearly 3K average weekly searches for virtual try-on, +125% to LY. Social buzz is +110% to LY.

The global esports market is estimated to be worth $17B, growing at $44% YoY. The beauty industry plans to take advantage of gaming integrations and multisensory experiences.

The tech market is growing exponentially, with the global artificial intelligence market alone set to reach $77.8 billion in the next five years.

2022 Beauty Forecast

@kseniakisavna | Erdem | @nails_and_soul

Founded by Dr. Robb Akridge, a scientist by trade and one of the founders of Clarisonic, OPULUS Beauty Labsis ELLE’s Future of Beauty Award Winner. The brand’s patent-pending thermal blending process transforms double-layered capsules, which have vitamins on the outside and suspended ingredients on the inside, into a freshly activated formula. The Opoule Treatments offer peak potency and personalization.

2022 Beauty Forecast

The early aughts are making a comeback. There are 141K average weekly searches for Y2K, +5% to LY. Driven by social media, Y2K posts are +20% to LY.

The healthcare industry is getting an inclusive reboot. Folx, a digital healthcare platform created for LGBTQIA+ patients, is one company aiming to fill the large hole in healthcare that overlooks queer and transgender identities.

According to a recent report from Nosto, 74% of consumers would choose a brand that incorporates customer reviews on their page. More than half of them would rather see natural images that were not edited in Photoshop.

2022 Beauty Forecast

Thebe Magugu | @laurenladnier | Colourpop

Launched last month, a collaboration between Colourpop Cosmetics and Disney’s Lizzie McGuire took us on a trip down memory lane. The now sold-out eight-piece collection included an eyeshadow palette, two lip gloss duos, a lip scrub, two multi-use glitter pastes, and two powder blushes–all themed around Hillary Duff’s tween TV character and full of beauty-centric nostalgia.

2022 Beauty Forecast

According to a survey by Premise, 66% of women admit to wearing less makeup than before the pandemic outbreak, while only 16% of women started wearing even more makeup amidst the pandemic.

Pew Research found that 60% of US adults now support legalized recreational and medical use and an additional 31% back medical marijuana. Last year, Quartz reported that we were in the midst of a “quarantine-fueled edibles boom,” with the edibles category growing by 10.6% in states where marijuana is legalized.

Ingestibles (+106% to LY) and supplements (+44% to LY) formulated with mood- and beauty-boosting benefits are on the rise. A peaking trend, there are 8.5K average weekly searches for gummy vitamins, +4% to LY.

2022 Beauty Forecast

West Barn Co. | Chillhouse | ROEN Beauty

Launching with a single product, State of Kind epitomizes the skinimalist approach to skincare. Kindle Restore is a natural and vegan formulated sleep concentrate that contains CBD, rosehip seed oil, blue tansy, and bakuchiol oil and can be applied as a mask or as an eye cream. As a brand focused on multipurpose skincare staples, State of Kind encourages consumers to be kind to their skin by avoiding excess.

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