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January 2021 Top Trends

From historical fashion influences for women to performance apparel for men, these are the trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and beauty markets during the month of January.


January Top Trends

Bridgerton, Netflix’s new Regency-era historical drama, is giving people a reason to dress up again. Corset tops (+128% to LY) are a growing trend with over 58K average weekly searches. Corset shirts (+68% to LY) are a safe bet, while Victorian collars (+22% to LY) are exhibiting emerging behavior. The show is also influencing accessories; metallic gloves (+24% to LY) and embellished mules (+39% to LY) are emerging trends to watch.


January Top Trends

Men are getting active in the new year. High-performance apparel and outdoor accessories are the must-have items of the season. Men’s compression tights (-2% to LY) and men’s Adidas tracksuit (+7% to LY) are emerging, while court sneakers (+76% to LY) and workout towel (+62% to LY) are safe bets. A top market mover, trail shoes are peaking with searches up +20% and social buzz up +2% to last year.


January Top Trends

Consumers are looking to reset their minds and bodies with products that help them stress less and sleep better. Self care at home (+201% to LY) has been a growing trend since the start of the pandemic, and we anticipate continued growth over the next year with 70% confidence. CBD bath bombs (+1% to LY) are exhibiting emerging behavior, while pillow mist (+76% to LY) and gua sha (+84% to LY) are safe bets.


January Top Trends

Denim’s seasonless and timeless qualities make it a go-to style for parents shopping for their kids in these turbulent times. Boys are swapping skinny jeans (-33% to LY) for slim jeans, an emerging trend with searches up 21% to last year. Girls are taking note of their fashion-forward moms. Girl’s baggy jeans (+189% to LY) will grow over the next year with 70% confidence. Infants are hopping on the denim train as baby overalls (+3% to LY) are peaking.

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