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November 2022 Top Trends

Denim on Denim

From It-girl-approved styles to holiday glam, these are the November 2022 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.

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When it comes to style inspiration, it’s no secret that fashion girls know best. Incoming trends like the balloon jean (+89% to LY) and sailor jeans (+67% to LY) are emerging staples in denim and elevating the utility aesthetic is key, too, as satin cargo pants are up 109% to LY; plus, the irony of the fur lined clogs (+67% to LY) are a fall must-try.


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Whether he’s jet-setting off to a new adventure or simply back in the swing of business trips, he’s a man on the move once again––and with that, he needs the essentials. The wrinkle free dress shirt (+152% to LY) and wrinkle free pants (+73% to LY) are on the rise as well as small goods staples like mens travel wallet (+101% to LY) and mens toiletry kit (+223% to LY).


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It's the holiday season and consumers are searching for glam options to kick of the season. She's ready to turn heads with effortlessly tousled hair (+34% to LY) look as well as statement-making tinsel hair (+76% to LY) that's trending per TikTok. Bold lashes (+25% to LY) with a stain lip (+53% to LY) are holiday party favorites, and consumers are adding a pop of texture with velvet nails (+57% to LY), a popular emerging trend for the season.


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It's the season of toys with the holidays around the corner and it's safe to say the shopping has begun. The Little Mermaid (+188% to LY) is trending as the live-action movie is coming out soon. Pokémon (+5% to LY) is re-emerging as a popular game. Friendship bracelet kits (+15% to LY) and Hello Kitty (+95% to LY) toys are safe bets this season as popular gifting choices.

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