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Spring Break Trends of 2024

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Spring break is just around the corner, starting off the Spring/Summer fashion season with the top trends we expect to see continue to grow for months to come from punchy colors to crochet dresses and elevated flip-flops. Below, discover the top spring break trends of 2024 within accessories, swimwear, apparel and beauty.

Key Colors

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Throughout the fall of 2023, the market was predominantly filled with understated colors; however, this spring season we are seeing a lighter color palette full of punchy hues take over the market.  Vibrant blues are steadily growing in popularity––specifically, cerulean (+640% Market Adoption) and teal (+2% to LY) are top picks that were seen on the S/S24 runways. Tangerine––a red-toned orange––has an extreme search volume and 1B views on TikTok as market adoption for products in this color is up +19% to last year, largely seen in swimwear. Continuing from the Fall and Winter  season, cherry red (+54% to LY) remains a market favorite with strong online engagement. Plus, lime is a fresh-feeling color that’s up-and-coming within resortwear––searches are up +17% last year.



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With “boho chic” fashion coming back onto the scene, we are seeing a variety of bohemian-inspired trends emerge in the market this spring. For example, body chains are a beachwear must-have with market adoption up +286% to last year. This trend is also gaining traction on TikTok with over 313M views. Raffia bags (+78% to LY) are a wardrobe staple for spring and summer, available from top brands such as Saint Laurent, Marni and Loewe. Sunglass trends are shifting away from minimalist '90s styles like oval sunglasses to oversized sunglasses (+43% to LY). And as for footwear, we are  seeing elevated updates to flip flops (+10% to LY)––note Hermès and Chanel––while crochet sandals (+89% to LY) continue to grow in the Specialty/DTC market.



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This season, swimwear updates embody fresh seasonal color palettes and innovative fabrications. For example, tan-through swimsuits (+90% to LY) are emerging in the market as consumers desire a swimsuit that leaves you tan-line free—TikTok users are taking to social media to rave over this new trend with 79k views. One-piece swimsuits are up +17% to last year in searches, many having cutouts and mesh detailing, while bikinis are still having a moment when done in of-the-moment colors like red (+33% to LY) and navy (+57% to LY). Given the increased number of bachelorette trips,  pearl bikinis (+42% to LY) have strong online engagement and are most saturated in the luxury market.



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Seasonal fabrics remain as the focal point of excitement when it comes to shifting into your vacation wardrobe. Linen, of course, has remained a warm weather must-have, and right now, linen shirts (+64% to LY) and linen skorts (+445% to LY) are safe bet trends with low discount levels. The crochet dress (+53% Market Adoption) and tube maxi dress (+367% Market Adoption) are resort it-items, both of which are experiencing increased market saturation. A classic “going-out top”, the cowl neck halter top is up +100% in social buzz to last year as this open back top is perfect for a tropical evening out.



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Recently, trends within the beauty space have been largely focused on skincare and scalpcare and this is expected to grow as the warmer months approach. Unsurprisingly, SPF products are top of mind and we are seeing tinted SPF (+74% to LY) and scalp sunscreen (+118% to LY) lead in the market. Chafing sticks are up +392% to last year with First Aid Beauty as the top-selling brand. Glowy skin is always a go-to in the warm-weather occasions and shimmering body oil (+10% Market Adoption) is the top product to accomplish the look. As for nails, watermelon nails (+168% to LY) are a favorite manicure and have 24M views on TikTok.

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