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Just the Data: Skin is in

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With matte makeup becoming part of our past, the dewy skin is the ultimate beauty trend these days. We're seeing a greater emphasis placed on clean, natural looks that feel as if they come from wellness practices versus cosmetics. From Hailey Beiber's glazed donut skin à la her brand Rhode to Bella Hadid's clean look on the Proenza Schouler runway, dewy skin is a must-have as we move into this new moment for make-up. 

Dewy Skin

  • A safe bet trend, searches for Dewy Skin are experiencing accelerated growth as they are +60% to last year
  • To get the dewy look, Dewy Makeup is essential as there are more than 1,268 products in this category with average weekly searches of 1,497
  • Most saturated in the Specialty/DTC market, Dewy Skin Cream is +180% to last year with Tatcha as the top brand for this type of product

Glazed Donut Skin

  • Popularized by Hailey Bieber and her skin care brand The Rhode, Glazed Donut Skin is has taken over the beauty industry and is +1,230% to last year
  • This beauty trend is viral on TikTok as #glazeddonutskin has over 3.9 million views
  • On Instagram, social buzz is +533% to last year thanks to social posts by Seventeen, Nudestix and Bobbi Brown

Glass Skin

  • Originally a Korean beauty trend, Glass Skin has become a makeup staple in the United States
  • Dewy, poreless and hydrated, this look is +19% to last year and a safe bet trend
  • Market adoption is +4% in the last 30 days with 97% of products at full price within the Specialty/DTC market
  • Popular on TikTok, #glassskin has over 732 million views as users share how to accomplish the glass skin makeup look

Clean Skin

  • The Clean Look took over the runways during fashion month of spring/summer 2023 and is here to stay
  • Most notably, Bella Hadid rocked Clean Skin on the runway, making her glow that much more as she awed audiences in luxurious designs
  • With a high search volume of 14,727 average weekly searches, the 90s Clean Skin beauty look is +12% to last year
  • Clean Skin is trending on TikTok as well as #cleanskin has over 195 million views