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This Season's Five Most Popular Themes of Gifting Ideas

Screenshot 2023-12-14 092136

Just like holiday gift shopping, assortment planning for the season teeters on an added dose of fun to your usual category as well as a high-pressure challenge. Whether you’re looking to spark merchandising ideas for an email campaign or brainstorming add-on opportunities for next year, we’ve rounded up a handful of gift ideas that are resonating in the market this season.

Travel From Homeimage - 2023-12-14T091018.713


Whether it’s a token to relive a sweet memory of the past year or spark excitement towards a bucket-list destination, gifts that evoke a “travel from home” mentality are on the rise. For example, this could be a cookbook with recipes from Tuscany or a hard-to-get reservation in their city, a luxurious robe from the hotel that they got engaged at, or a curated basket of food or ingredients for a bar experience from their favorite restaurant. 






Screenshot 2023-12-14 091714Clean It Up 


Rather than “healthy” living, there’s a growing mindset shift towards intentional, clean, and holistic approaches to lifestyle choices. Skipping resolutions about crash diets or intense exercise routines, we’re seeing consumers looking for low or no-alcohol alternatives (like CBD-infused drinks), unique meal-prep services, and ways to access their favorite health services at home (think an acupressure mat and an infra-red mask). 





New Ways to PersonalizeScreenshot 2023-12-14 091938


Personalization is nothing new in the world of gifting but get inspired to make a present feel unique in new ways. When it comes to jewelry, think passed letters or zodiac––we’re seeing mix-and-match earring kits, charm bracelets, and tarot card pieces on the rise. Plus, you can edit by aesthetic––Gen Z’s favorite way to define their style––like a box of beauty goods for the “soft girl” or “strawberry girl.”





Screenshot 2023-12-14 092722Buzzed About


Virality has become a key component of purchasing decisions, especially for younger consumers. Tap into this for marketing initiatives (think curating impactful email or influencer campaigns) or using attention-grabbing tactics when merchandising e-commerce edits or curated gift sets. Whatever your use-case may be, your Trendalytics dashboard can help you stay in the loop on the trending brands and products to know as well as track what’s emerging on TikTok with our new, dedicated module launching in early 2024.




Luxe for Lessimage - 2023-12-14T085930.841


No matter your consumers' budget, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity for tapping into the luxury market. This undoubtedly makes the receiver feel special, but it doesn’t have to break the bank for your shopper. Be sure to promote or utilize creative merchandising across categories––popular avenues include candle samplers, beauty best-sellers in mini-sizes, curations of most coveted items across luxe brands, entry-level products (like socks or card holders), and alcohol or mixology kits that create an elevated experience.




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