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Emerging Trendsetters: Brands & Influencers To Watch

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In an industry that values creativity just as much as tradition, a fresh perspective is always welcome. We've gathered a list of emerging trendsetters from up-and-coming brands to need-to-follow influencers. Click here to download a sample of the report and get in touch to experience the full portfolio of content from Trendalytics.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (2)Hanifa is a black-owned, woman-owned brand known for bold colors, playful details, and silhouettes that celebrate a woman's body. The brand has received much press love by Vogue, The Cut, and The New York Times.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (5)Mietis is a young luxury brand based in Barcelona who's best known for their colorful palette and cheeky architectural designs as well as leather ready-to-wear.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (15)Utilizing Korean beauty technology, CLE Cosmetics ties beauty with skincare for power-items that are elevated, multi-use pieces that help minimize your routine.


Copy of Blog Post Featured Image (9)Matilda Djerf is a 25 year old influencer (starting on Youtube) from Stockholm who's risen to fame in recent years, especially after the launch of her label Djerf Avenue.


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