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The Beauty Trends to Expect in 2024, According to TikTok

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Like the fashion industry, beauty is being driven by digitally-native aesthetics that are sparking it-items, looks, and must-have brands. Rather than consumers scoring inspiration solely from the runways, the tables have turned and younger consumers are influencing brands and older generations with their catchy content. In years past, trends slowly trickled from place-to-place but now, they grow like wildfire –– starting in one part of the world and reaching a completely different segment by the end of the week thanks to TikTok. 

Ahead, discover the trends that started online that we can expect to grow within retail and traditional media this year. 

Because We're Girls

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All things “girl” are saturating the fashion and beauty markets as the nostalgia of simpler times captures the attention of consumers, especially with beloved childhood icons being seen in remakes like The Little Mermaid and Barbie. A sense of nostalgia has brought a resurgence of hair bows, ballet flats, tights, and girly makeup back onto the scene. Pink blush is a safe bet trend with 12k average weekly searches, popular from brands like Dior, Tarte and Rare Beauty. With reds and pinks ruling the trends, it’s no surprise that strawberry makeup (+482% to LY) is a favorite look and TikTok trend, coined by Hailey Bieber. Cluster lashes are +151% to last year and growing as drawing attention to the eyes is favorable –– many wanting a “doll eye” look. Reminiscent of spending days in the sun, faux freckles (+25% to LY) offer a girlish look and is a TikTok favorite trend with 667M views on the platform. Glitter lipstick, with 240M TikTok views, is a nostalgic top pick, too –– who didn’t wear absurdly sparkly lipstick growing up? Between nostalgia and how good it feels to embrace being your fun, girly self, this sweet trend is sure to grow. 


Mob Wife Aesthetic

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Thanks to opulent-meets-messy pop culture moments like Saltburn and the Mob Wife aesthetic blowing up on TikTok, clean girl beauty is being replaced with dark, care-free makeup. We are seeing statement lips rise as seen on the red carpet; dark red lipstick is up +30% to last year, taking the classic red lip trend to a more sultry level. Similarly, dark lip liner is +11% compared to last year, emerging in the market as a newer trend. This beauty aesthetic is centered around messy makeup (+50% to LY) –– as a mob wife is too busy and too rich to care about precision, of course. Smudged eyeliner products are up +9% in market adoption in the last 30 days. Alongside this, smudged lipstick is an emerging trend with weekly searches up +30% to last year. As the zeitgeist changes, we can see contrasts between the desire to embrace trends reminiscent of girlhood or opt for a femme fatale lure. 


Lip Locked

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It has been all about the lips in recent months and we are seeing products in this category evolve and update to better accommodate consumers in the market. With current beauty trends being centered around wellness, consumers are on the lookout for lip products that offer good pigmentation as well as hydration. Lipstick balm is a steadily growing trend with 131k average weekly searches and a TikTok favorite with 423K views. Similarly, lip oil (+39% to LY) has become a makeup-bag necessity, especially as the Dior Lip Oil went viral online last year –– other brands like Essence, Summer Fridays and Fenty offer fan-favorite lip oils, too. For a more natural lip enhancement, plumping lip oil is an emerging trend up +79% to last year, taking the lead over plumping lip gloss. Red lips have made a comeback this year; notably, cherry red lipstick (+45% to LY) has taken center stage. And with the red lip resurgence, lip stains are once again growing in the market up +53% to last year. Nude lips are taking a back seat to make way for pigmented balms, oils, lip stains and cherry red lipsticks in 2024.


K-Pop Highlight

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Thanks to social media, trends are being shared globally, allowing new products and looks to quickly be exchanged by different cultures throughout the world. Currently, douyin makeup is making waves online with 4B views on TikTok and social buzz up +350%. This Chinese makeup style is all about highlighting your natural features with shimmer and has become a staple beauty look for many K-Pop stars, like BLACKPINK. Shimmer eyeshadow is essential to this look and is growing in popularity with +47% market adoption to last year, led by brands like Kiko Milano and Stila. A signature of this makeup style is a blur lipstick (+10% market adoption to LY)  and rose blush (+43% to LY), typically draped across the cheeks. And for the final touch, a liquid illuminator (853k avg. weekly searches) works here, too. With the internet connecting all types of people around the world, cultural staples are being shared and adopted by others from Korean skincare to Japanese scalpcare and douyin makeup, just to name a few.  


Catchy Names

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Unlike years before, we are seeing consumers drive the market and spark trends via platforms like TikTok, and they are picking quite catchy names to give to each trend, too. This aspect of the beauty industry is making it easier for everyone to be a part of the conversation, not just leaders in the market. For example, many hair trends have been named after animals to identify new styles; the butterfly haircut ruled 2023 and remains a top hair trend with over 181k average weekly searches. Along the same lines, beauty trends like puppy dog eyeliner (+41% to LY) and doe eyes (+35% to LY) are easily identifiable –– both of which have millions of views on TikTok. But trends aren’t just taking names after animals, rather food and drinks are inspiring trends as well. Cherry cola lips (1k avg. weekly searches) came to fame this fall leading to the cherry mocha nail polish trend (+2,592% to LY) –– a beautiful blend of red and brown. Latte makeup also became a hit with growth up +39,477% to last year as this is the perfect makeup look using brown and nude shades. All in all, consumers are driving trends online and naming them in such a way that everyone can be a part of the conversation through referencing foods and animals - kitschy, huh?


New Do's

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Last year, hair trends revolved around Mermaidcore and Barbiecore embracing long lengths and blonde hair; however, this year we are seeing elevated updates to everyday hairstyles. Bobs are set to rule 2024; in particular, the Italian bob is a safe bet trend, up +145% in searches to last year, and it's been seen on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Gracie Abrams. Bobs and lobs will continue to rise in popularity as well as the blunt cut (+17% to LY). A blunt cut offers a more chic and sleek look for all hair lengths and has become a TikTok favorite trend with over 159M views on the platform. Another chic style, French bangs are a must for many creating an effortlessly romantic look with wispy fringes, up +65% to last year. Leaning into the effortlessly chic style, tousled hair is easily a top pick with 2M views on TikTok. The market is accommodating this hair trend with +52% products in the market to achieve the perfect tousled look. Glass hair (+52% to LY) is becoming a staple no matter what haircut you have––this “glass” effect is achieved by utilizing smoothing oils, anti-frizz sprays and a high-shine spray for a flawless finished look. Over all, consumers are on the hunt for cuts and products that look chic and elevated with a timeless effect.

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