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Wellness & Beauty Forecast 2025

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Looking to the year ahead, balance is our key word––trends find the intersection of holistic as they draw upon remedies and power ingredients of centuries past while also finding power through high-tech tools and procedures that bring the insights of your dermatologist home. In this report, we outline our three major macro-trends with insights on the categories that they’ll most affect in 2025. Click here for the full report and to discover our macro-trends: Feminine Touch, Personal Ritual and Future Features.


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Between ultra-sweet fragrances, luscious it-haircuts and fruit-inspired makeup, consumers are seeking trends and products that let them lean into the divine feminine. We’ve seen this movement arise through workout choices (noting the rise in pilates and barre), whimsical and sweet fashion trends, and a focus on health concerns like hormone health, too.

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1. Strawberry Makeup: +914% to LY

2. 90s Bob: +136% to LY

3. Cherry Perfume: +93% to LY




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What’s old is new again remains a strong idea when it comes to the world of beauty and wellness. Currently, we’re seeing brands and consumers seek out power ingredients and remedies from around the world that have been a part of beauty rituals for thousands of years. While Asia is an important market to watch, Latin America should be on your radar for the coming year, too.

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1. Volcanic Ash: +207% to LY

2. Magnesium Oil: +190% to LY

3. Sea Buckthorn Berry: +143% to LY






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Conversations around procedures like filler and botox have been on the rise thanks to TikTok; plus, we’re see high-tech gadgets that are normally only used in-office or at the spa come into the home––noting infrared, micro-currents and more. Consumers also want to ensure that their products really work, sparking the increase in formulations that help products penetrate the skin barrier.

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1. NAD Skincare: +1,670% to LY

2. Trapezius Botox: +375% to LY

3. Sonic Brush: +254% to LY




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