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Just the Data: Americana


  • More subtle than American-flag-emblazoned apparel, the Americana aesthetic—also known as the “Yeehaw Agenda”—brings Western flair to 4th of July style.
  • There are 129K average weekly searches for Americana (+35% to LY), more than 2x that of 4th of July.
  • Western-inspired trends exhibiting emerging behavior include belts (+20% to LY), tops (+15% to LY), cowboy boots (+37% to LY), and men’s cowboy hats (+62% to LY).
  • Cowboy boots are a top market mover28% of new SKUs are out of stock.
  • Adaptations of the traditional boot, which now come in white (+80% to LY), red (+14% to LY), and snakeskin (+20% to LY), reflect a more liberated view of the cowboy.
  • TL Forecast: The Americana theme is expected to continue growing over the next year with 65% confidence.

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