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Just the Data: Back to School Bags

Free People | Rebel Flow | Nike

  • Fall semester of school is just around the corner, and we’ve collected data on the top back to school bags to get this school year.
  • Puffy backpacks are a Fall favorite as searches are +61% to last year.
  • As a peaking trend, +80% of products are full price in the last 30 days as students are getting ready to go back to school.
  • This trend is most saturated in the Off Price market with the top 3 brands being Adidas, Tommy Bahama and No Boundaries.
  • Puffy backpacks will be the perfect bag to match puffer jackets and vests as the weather begins to cool off.
  • Tote bags are incredibly versatile and are becoming the new bookbag for older students.
  • This safe bet trend has an extreme search volume with 447.8k average weekly searches, +98% to last year.
  • Social buzz is +35% to last year as tote bags give the perfect grunge, school girl aesthetic.
  • An emerging trend for our fashionista students, fringe backpacks are +37% to last year.
  • Most saturated in the Specialty/DTC market, brands like Free People and Madewell are capitalizing on this trend by coming out with the cutest fringe bags just in time for the school year.
  • A safe bet, clear backpacks are a high search volume trend.
  • Clear backpacks are +69% to last year with 20.8k average weekly searches.
  • Most saturated in the Fast Fashion market, brands like Shein, Ugg and Asos are pushing this trend.
  • Clear backpacks are especially popular as school’s are implementing clear bag rules to ensure the safety of students and faculty.
  • TL Forecast: Fringe backpacks, tote bags and clear backpacks are expected to continue growing over the next year with 70% confidence.

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