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Back to School 2022 Forecast

Back To School

Zara Kids

No longer virtual, this back to school season brings new challenges and opportunities. With vaccines for children over the age of 5 available, this fall is all about prioritizing a comfortable in-person uniform, maintaining wellness in the classroom, getting active with friends, and rebuilding the classroom community.

Last year, kids’ loungewear represented the biggest opportunity for brands. This year, the focus shifts to kids’ activewear. Demand for kids’ activewear exceeds available product, while available product for uniforms and loungewear surpasses search. As of February 2022, there are 90,000 average weekly searches for back to school, -14% to last year. Searches are losing momentum, but demand for back to school essentials will accelerate in July and peak in August.

This week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy lifted the state’s mask mandate, no longer requiring students and school employees to wear masks, signaling a clear shift toward treating COVID-19 as a part of daily life. With many states and locales intending to follow this trend, back to school 2022 may be the closest to “normal” we’ve come in years and holds the potential for a fully in-person, maskless school year.

Read on for a preview of our Back To School 2022 Forecast.

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In-Person Uniform

In Person Uniform

H&M | Reiss | Tommy Hilfiger | Zara

With students back in the classroom, loungewear is being replaced by in-person outfits. Searches for back to school style are +18% to last year, and kids are ready to put their best feet forward. Holding onto the comfort they’ve grown used to, kids are gravitating towards styles that offer both comfort and sophistication.

Classroom Wellness

Classroom Wellness

Super 8 | Beekeeper’s Naturals | Blueair | Ritual

Last year’s back to school sales were driven by the sanitizing essentials needed to keep kids safe. Now, with vaccines available for kids over the age of 5, the focus has shifted to immune boosters, stress relief, and other preventative wellness trends.

On The Move

On The Move

Uniqlo | Athleta | H&M | Nike

The return of in-person classes gives kids a reason to run around again–at recess or on the practice field. A range of activewear staples are on the rise, and gorpcore style is set to make it big in kids’ fashion this upcoming fall.

Don’t miss out on a more in depth analysis of the back to school season, including an extra trend story.

Download the full report here.

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