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Trendalytics Predicts: Top 100 Trends of 2022

Preview our Top 100 Trend Report and discover what’s to come in 2022.

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Women’s Fashion

2022 is all about confidence as skin-baring styles and elements of nostalgia take precedence. Women are looking to discover their unique sense of style and searching for a wardrobe that speaks to it.

1. OverexposedLess is more this year. Shortened hems, cut outs, and sheer fabrics amp up the sex appeal. (Searches for cut out mini dress are +263%, micro mini skirt are +32%, and lace turtleneck are +26%)

2. Dopamine Dressing: Searching for a reason to celebrate, women are stepping out in joy-inducing outfits. (Searches for tulle midi skirt are +158%, sequin trousers are +147%, and feather trim dress are +138%)

3. Proportion Play: Women are learning the art of proportions–adding cropped outerwear to their wish lists. (Searches for cropped shearling jacket are +181% and cropped blazer are +120%)

4. Leg Reveal: Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to show some leg this year. Side slits are the sexy detail we didn’t know we needed. (Searches for side slit skirt are +116%, high slit dress are +89%, and slit pants are +31%)

5. Female Gaze: No longer yearning for the male gaze, women are finding what makes them confident, embracing oversized silhouettes and self-assured staples. (Searches for wide leg trousers are +50%, oversized blouse are +26%, oversized knit sweater are +22%)


When it comes to accessories—it’s all about enhancing your look. From winter essentials to sky high shoes, here are the accessories trends you can expect to see in 2022.

6. Après Ski: From the slopes to the city, stylish winter accessories– like faux fur headbands and shearlings bags–are ones to watch out for. (Searches for faux fur headband are +205%, shearling bag are +86%, and fur bucket hat are +42%)

7. All That Glitters: Searching for the next showstopper, crystal jewelry and sparkly accessories are replacing the basics this year. (Searches for sparkly heels are +141%, rhinestone heels are +70%, and crystal jewelry are +14%)

8. Pearlcore: In 2022, pearls are a must- have–from necklaces to handbags to heels. (Searches for pearl heels are +150%, pearl handbag are +38%, and pearl chain necklace are +14%)

9. Fit For Royalty: Dress to impress this year with elegant accessories that make you feel like royalty. (Searches for long gloves are +26%, french pins are +26%, and beaded bag are +41%)

10. Sky High Shoes: Versace knows best. Sky high heels and platform shoes are here to command the room, regardless of the occasion. (Searches for platform loafers are +154%, platform converse are +67%, and platform heels are +57%)

Men’s Fashion

2022 is all about experimentation for men as they say goodbye to the status quo. From next gen prep to normcore, here are the menswear trends you can expect to see this year.

11. Varsity Blues: No longer just for jocks, varsity team essentials are making their way out of the locker room and into men’s closets. (Searches for varsity cardigan are +306%, men’s varsity jacket are +95%, and letterman jacket are +71%)

12. Next Gen Prep: An ode to academia, preppy essentials have reached cool kid status. (Searches for men’s knitted polo shirt are +91%, men’s corduroy shirt are +68%, and men’s penny loafers are +47%)

13. Gorpcore: Gorpcore stresses fashionable yet functional staples like protective outerwear, hiking boots, and technical accessories. (Searches for gorpcore are +455%, sun protective clothing are +30%, and athletic vest are +29%)

14. Business Casual: Men are keeping it casual, but work-appropriate, to accommodate every work style, from WFH to in-office. (Searches for comfortable work pants are +62%, comfort footwear are +59%, and casual button up shirt are +57%)

15. Grandpacore: Men are embracing the effortless nature of normcore, sporting thrifted finds and other unpretentious looks.(Searches for men’s oversized cardigan are +173%, grandpa sweater are +157%, and men’s relaxed jeans are +5%)

Kid’s Fashion

Kids’ wardrobes reflect those of their parents’ as cottagecore styles and crafty staples get a kid-friendly revamp. Dressing to impress this year, kids will be stepping out in everything from sparkly dresses to preppy polos.

16. Animal Kingdom: You can’t go wrong with an animal motif. Kid- friendly favorites include nontraditional furry friends like rabbits and owls. (Searches for owl t-shirt are +322%, penguin graphic are +247%, and rabbit graphic are +67%)

17. Cottagecore Kids: Kids are hopping on the cottagecore wagon with prairie dresses and smocked shirts. (Searches for smocking top are +43%, bib collar are +42%, and prairie dress are +21%)

18. Prim and Proper: Kids are putting their best foot forward in 2022 with frilly attire perfect for dance recitals, school shows, and concerts. (Searches for ballerina flats are +39%, girls’ tulle dress are +11%, and frill dress are +5%)

19. Prep School: Kids don’t need to attend private school to dress like a student. Preppy polos, dresses, and loafers are perfect for any occasion. (Searches for preppy dress are +167%, boys’ long sleeve polo are +38%, and boys’ loafers are +35%)

20. Picnic Ready: Outdoor events are more common than ever, and kids’ wardrobes–full of gingham and floral print–are a reflection of their environment. (Searches for gingham romper are +412%, gingham top are +27%, and girls’ floral top are +17%)


The beauty industry will show range this year as people experiment with new TikTok trends and update classic looks. Searches for everything from nostalgic 90s styles to statement nail art to no-makeup makeup are on the rise.

21. 90s or Nothing: While low-rise jeans and platform shoes re-enter our wardrobes, 90s-inspired makeup products are also re-gaining mass popularity, from frosted lipstick to bubble braids. (Searches for frosted lipstick are +1,186%, bubble braids are +571%, slick bun are +66%, and 90s makeup are +11%)

22. Cat Eye 2.0: Cat eyeliner is getting a modern refresh as makeup professionals and amateurs alike experiment with the classic look. (Searches for reverse cat eye are +1,417%, eyeliner stickers are +346%, and inner corner eyeliner are +66%)

23. At-Home Blowout: TikTok’s love of the Dyson AirWrap is just the start as more and more people attempt an at-home blowout. (Searches for heatless curling are +1,200%, butterfly haircut are +204%, cool air styler are +197%, and airwrap styler are +5%)

24. Plump Pout: Wanting fuller lips, consumers are on the hunt for products and procedures that will help them achieve the look. (Searches for plumping lip gloss are +501%, lip plumper are +251%, and lip flip are +51%)

25. Fresh Face: Characterized by hydrated skin, flushed cheeks, and full brows, this year is all about enhancing your natural beauty. (Searches for sheer foundation are +4,768%, soft sculpting are +230%, blush draping are +130%, and brow wax are +5%)

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