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Top Takeaways: Market Intelligence Summit 2020

Our team attended SimilarWeb’s Market Intelligence Summit. Read on for our top takeaways.

The State of the Digital World

with Greg Malen, VP Solutions at SimilarWeb

  • E-commerce is still riding the wave of Amazon.

Democratizing Data: The 2020 Presidential Election

with Matthew Rosenberg, National Security Correspondent at The New York Times; and Pascal Cohen, Head of Client Services NA, SimilarWeb

  • News and media have become increasingly polarized in the digital age.

The Future of Luxury Retail

with Guido Tirone, Director of Web Analytics at Neiman Marcus Group; and Ariane Turley, Lead Industry Consultant at SimilarWeb

  • Neiman Marcus, among others, have realized that data collection, manipulation, and analysis is the key to success.

Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Market Intelligence

with Carrie Lazorchak, CRO at SimilarWeb

  • Lifetime Value – Customer lifetime value is the metric that indicates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer account. This metric is critical in identifying significant customer segments that are the most valuable to the company.

SimilarWeb Market Intelligence

  • Despite the above image, the customer lifecycle is not linear. It looks more like an infinity sign.

3 Things Everyone Needs to Know to Improve Their Social Strategy

with Tania Yuki, CEO at Shareablee

1. Understand the Terrain

  • Vertical video is on the rise.

SimilarWeb Market Intelligence

2. Know the Customer

  • Why do people share on social? Social currency, evokes emotions, useful, tells a story.

SimilarWeb Market Intelligence

  • Content preferences by gender

3. Measure What Matters

  • Are you efficiently driving engagement/activity? % Active Audience, Average Engagement (%), Actions Per Post, Impressions Per Action, Views Per Action

Data Demands in the Digital Economy

with Danti Chen, Head of Applied Data Science & Insights — Global Intelligence at Weber Shandwick; Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Didit; Lisa Penelton, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Critical Mass; Skye Yang, Director, Insights & Analytics, Neo Media World; Moderator: Richard Sobel, Founder and CEO, Marcato Solutions

  • Businesses must think about how they can market outside of an ideal 1:1 environment

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