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June 2024 Top Trends

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From athleisure to sweet summer makeup looks, these are the June 2024 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.


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Athleisure that can be worn to the gym and out on the town is currently a hot topic among consumers. Yoga jumpsuits are on the rise, seeing market adoption up +650% to last year–– noting Alo as a key brand. Womens Adidas shorts (+52% to LY) and striped track pants (+124% to LY) are emerging trends seen from the street-style set. Soccer jerseys (+46% to LY) are becoming popular athleisure tops as seen across New York City.


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Reinvented pieces are signaling a shift within menswear. For example, the loden jacket is an emerging trend, up +60% to last year. Mens leather clogs (+20% to LY) and mens ascots (+20% to LY) are new trends growing within the market. Mens suede vests (+9% to LY) are making a comeback too, most saturated in the luxury market.


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This summer, makeup looks are drawing inspiration from fruit specifically. Strawberry makeup is +2,676% to last year and still holding strong from last summer. Peach makeup (+88% to LY) and cherry makeup (+228% to LY) are emerging looks while juxtaposed with grunge makeup, up +56% to last year in searches.


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Trending boys tops are across the board this season from sporty to casual to family photo ready. Poplin shirts an emerging trend up +39% to last year in searches. Football jerseys (+67% to LY), unsurprisingly, are a safe bet trend for the year as well as camo shirts (+57% to LY) and car shirts (+57% to LY), too.

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