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July 2024 Top Trends

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From vintage pieces to festival makeup, these are the July 2024 top trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, kids, and beauty markets for months to come.


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Current trends within womenswear feel vintage with a modern twist. The polka dot maxi dress (+28% to LY) and drop waist dress (+176% to LY) are nostalgic must-haves with accessories like French pins (+27% to LY) and brown kitten heels (+193% to LY) making more and more appearances in the market.


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A quintessential piece to any man’s wardrobe is a watch. At the moment, Patek Philippe watches (+5% to LY) are re-emerging in the luxury market, with gold watches (+21% to LY) as a consumer top pick. The whoop watch (+154% to LY) and running watch (+56% to LY) are fitness pieces that are a must-have for the summer.


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Festival season is in full swing, bringing slightly outlandish makeup to the forefront. Currently, alien beauty (+598% to LY) is a safe bet trend experiencing increased market adoption. Metallic eyeliner (+32% to LY), liquid illuminator (+202% to LY) and magnetic lashes (+9% to LY) are festival makeup favorites this summer, too.


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Stripes are having a moment in the childrenswear market. For example, the striped skirt (+22% to LY) and stripe top (+22% to LY) are emerging trends while striped jeans (+93% to LY) and stripe pants (+107% to LY) are safe bet trends for the year.

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