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Just the Data: Perfume Ingredients

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Perfume never fails to be a best-selling gift during the holidays, so we've gathered a list of the top trending perfume ingredients that consumers will be on the lookout for this season and into 2023.

Pheromone Perfume  
  • Products like the 7 Virtues Vetiver Elemi blend with your skin's natural oils to create a personalized scent 
  • A high volume search trend with over 19,000 searches, Pheromone Perfume is +94% to last year and will continue to grow over the next year
  • Popularized on TikTok, the hashtag #PheromonePerfume has 63.3M views 


  • Citrus has extremely high search volume at almost 98,000 average weekly searches and Citrus Perfume is +22% to last year 
  • While you may expect this to be a summer scent, this trend spikes in November and December
  • Citrus has close to 4000 products in the market and is most saturated in specialty stores

Musk Perfume

  • With over 9,700 average weekly searches, this seasonal perfume scent is +73% to last year
  • Musk has become an increasingly popular note in unisex fragrances, as seen in the growing popular Glossier’s “You” perfume, with growing searches +494% compared to last year
  • Selfridges is the top retailer carrying Musk Perfumes with 48 products in the market currently

Almond Perfume

  • Despite having a lower volume of searches, Almond Perfume is growing at an accelerated rate and is up +68% to last year
  • The sweet almond scent is proving to be the ultimate gender-neutral fragrance, featured as a top note in popular unisex perfumes like Molton Brown’s “Flora Luminare”, Prada “Infusion d’Amande”, and Jo Malone’s “Green Almond & Red Current”
  • Fruity Almond by Dossier mimics the Carolina Herrera “Good Girl” perfume for a fraction of the cost, with notes of peach and almond creating a perfect blend of fruity and nutty scents.


  • With a high number of searches (over 20,000) for Neroli, Neroli Perfume is also growing at an accelerated rate and is up +101% to last year
  • This fresh scent is popular among many fragrances, with notes of citrus, honey, and flowers completing its profile 
  • Luxury brands seem to be capturing most of the market share with this note like Dior, Prada, and Armani


  • There has been a +24% increase of Jasmine Perfume products the last 30 days
  • Gaining popularity on TikTok, Phlur “Missing Person” is +3,299% to last year, as hints of Jasmine and Orange Blossom make up its unique fragrance 
  • Burberry Her Elixir perfume - with key notes of berries, jasmine and vanilla - is showing extreme popularity with a 66.6% stockout 

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