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Festival Season 2025

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Festival season has been rapidly evolving––peering back to 2022 and 2023, high-shine and sheer looks dominated while 2024 had a more relaxed undertone. Looking to the year ahead, this urges us to finish the balance of the two. Currently, we’re seeing conversations around festival culture nostalgia become a hot topic and we’re confident those conversations with turn into concrete looks come 2025. Below, discover the top 3 aesthetics and key trends for next year's festival season.

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This year, the hottest conversation didn’t surround the items worn to festivals, but the looks and key items of Coachella’s past. Online festival-goers and on-lookers swooned for the days of flower crowns and fringe crop-tops––all of which feel undeniably bohemian. With the boho chic aesthetic rising on the runways, we can safely bet this will be back in a big way come 2025.

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While many festivals are known for hot summer days, desert or forest nights can reach lower temps––so far in 2024, we’re seeing leather become a popular choice for nighttime sets. For daytime, this gritty sense of dressing is showing up through leather shorts making a comeback, moto and cowboy boots, as well as graphics on baby tees and tanks.

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For many festival goers, the biggest statement is not making one––attempting to prove you’re actually there for the music and not just another girl looking for a picture in front of a ferris wheel... nonetheless, the more minimal approach is certainly practical and has its benefit. With that being said, festivals are still an occasion and bringing in other utility-driven elements (think athleisure or jerseys) is a smart strategy.

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