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Back-to-School Guide 2024

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This fall, back-to-school styles are bringing back the classics with preppy styles and nostalgic pieces for all ages while college dorm decor is the first to jump on next year's incoming bohemian aesthetic. Below, discover the top trends for the 2024 school year.


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Within apparel for the Girls market, back-to-school classics have an it-girl approved twist––think bubble hem skirts (+185% to LY), drop waist dresses (+132% to LY) and barrel leg jeans (+201% to LY) that have trickled down from the Womenswear market. Knits are important as ever, but make sure to highlight fresh silhouettes like the sweater vest or tee. Plus, girly retro trends that were a hit on the runways are key for this time period, too, such as the car coat (+5% to LY), gingham skirt (+60% to LY), A-line mini (+39% to LY) and peplum top (+39% to LY). 

Girls footwear is mimicking the Womenswear market––proving that ballet flats (+93% to LY) are a hit at all ages. Be sure to highlight your assortment, especially the key items that have a fashion twist, such as mesh fabric or stud details. Nostalgic sneakers remain a driving trend and for newness in boots, equestrian styles are making a comeback. 

As we know, print takes an assortment to the next level and this season, leopard print (+37% to LY) is the most important for Girls. We’re seeing the print pop up in every category from denim to dresses and outerwear. Classics like stripes (+12% to LY) and gingham (+5% to LY) are favorites this season, and we can expect colors like magenta (+13% to LY), cherry red (+39% to LY), buttercream yellow (+21% to LY) and baby blue to be eye-catching to the consumer, too. 


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Back-to-school favorites for Boys this year are relaxed and classic. For example, relaxed fit jeans (+20% to LY), graphic tees—like the car shirt (+57% to LY)—and the dark wash denim jacket (+32% to LY) are top picks for the school year. Boys knitwear (+5% to LY) will continue to grow in the market from sweaters to sweater vests for the colder months to come, too. Similar to Menswear, chore coats (+118% to LY) are a winter weather must-have when paired with sharp looking short boots. 

Additionally, sneakers from coveted brands like Nike, Asics and Adidas are expected to be the go-to footwear choice among boys. Nostalgic styles like the Adidas Samba (+138% to LY) and Gazelle (+101% to LY) will continue to be popular and the new Nike Killshot 2’s (+115% to LY) and Asics GT-2160 sneakers (+4,147% to LY) are sure to be seen in the hallways, too. 

Popular prints for this year’s assortment includes camo (+14% to LY), stripes (+12% to LY) and argyle (+1,607% to LY). Camo is expected to make a statement in the fall whereas stripes and argyle will be seen throughout the school year. Classic colors like navy blue (+20% to LY), red (+7% to LY), kelly green (+21% to LY) and mustard yellow (+6% to LY) are expected to be consumer favorites for the 2024/2025 school year. 


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Aside from ready-to-wear, the bohemian aesthetic is making a comeback within interiors, too. Dorm trends for the 2024-2025 school year are delving into this aesthetic with an artistic spin. Wall prints are a must-have for students––many opting for wildflower prints (+36% to LY) or astrology prints. A neutral color palette with pops of color like pink (+6% to LY), tangerine, peach and marigold (+13% to LY) are growing in popularity—perfect for achieving this minimalist, bohemian style. 

When it comes to extras, we are seeing retailers like Target and Anthropologie cater to the boho revival with curated pieces. Organic shaped, ceramic vases are an it-item in home right now, particularly the donut vase. These pieces are perfect for adding a bit of personality to any space—it adds a pop of color and can hold fresh flowers as well. Plants, whether real or fake, in any living space are popular among younger generations at the moment, using a variety of plant holders to liven up their space. Crochet plant holders are the go-to and can hang on the wall to fill blank walls. Essential oils and diffusers (+12% to LY) are perfect for dorm life, as candles are not permitted in student housing, and this alternative not only provides a pleasing aroma, but it is also good for mental health and relaxation, too.

As for bedding, the majority of students are opting for a solid bed comforter, embellished with accenting throw blankets and fun pillows. Chunky knit blankets (+20% to LY) and embroidered throws (+15% to LY)  are top picks along with tufted pillows—experiencing +32% market adoption to last year.


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Halloween trends are driven by pop culture, and this year, we are seeing a massive influence coming from film and music. For example, Dune and Challengers made a splash on social media and we expect to see boys and girls opting for futuristic costumes and athletic looks like a pro tennis player. Singers are also impacting Halloween looks like Beyonce’s “Cowboy Carter” and Sabrina Carpenter’s iconic girly outfits in ruffle and lace. Furthermore, Kung Fu Panda (+238% to LY) inspired costumes and ‘60s costumes like the Go Go Girl will be top picks, too.


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